About Cultural Beings

Welcome to Cultural Beings!

This is the official webpage and blog site for Dr. Jess Bonnan-White, a social scientist at Stockton University. At Stockton, Dr. Bonnan-White teaches courses in her expertise areas of emergency management, homeland security, criminal justice, conflict resolution, and peace studies. In the liberal arts spirit, she actively combines anthropology, sociology, psychology, political science, history, criminal justice, gender studies, and geography into her teaching, research, and service activities! “Cultural Beings” is a place for Dr. B-W to share her experiences in the field, in teaching her speciality areas, and in generally panticipating as a citizen in this cultural world. Blogs here will illustrate concepts and examples derived from subjects in class – as well as reflect her own random musings!

Dr. B-W would love to hear from you, and would like to invite contributors to the blog – if you use any of the blog posts in your own, class, please drop Dr. B-W a line!

Postings on “Cultural Beings” do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Stockton University or any of its staff; postings reflect the perspectives of Dr. B-W only. Please remember, too, that we all learn through challenging our own “boxes” – Dr. B-W invites constructive dialogue that is intended to help us all be a bit more cultural! Inappropriate or offensive comments will be deleted.

Welcome again!


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