Spreading the Preparedness Word – Not as Painful as a Sharkbite!

I am posting here a blog post from Leah Roman who, like me, is interested in how professionals can bring public health and emergency management messages to the public. On Wednesday night, #Sharknado3 premiered on Syfy Network. The American Red Cross (among other organizations) took this “jawsome” (sorry, had to get a pun in there!) pop culture opportunity to spread emergency preparedness messaging.

In addition to my position at Stockton University, I am also a digital volunteer for the American Red Cross – South Jersey Region. On Wednesday, I had the challenge of keeping up with the twisty-turny plot twists of #Sharknado3 AND live-tweeting and Facebook-ing preparedness messaging at the same time. Several others of my colleagues around the country were doing the same, and from all the creativity inspired by #Sharknado3, Leah Roman chose one of our tweets for her blog!

Much appreciation to Leah Roman for her kind words, and I hope that we all can be inspired to use pop culture events to spread  own public safety / public health  messaging to social media!

How the American Heart Association and the Red Cross Won #Sharknado3


About jbwstocktonnj

Dr. B-W is an interdisciplinary social scientist at Stockton University in Galloway, NJ. She teaches courses in conflict resolution, peace and conflict studies, emergency management, homeland security, and criminal justice. She is most interested in addressing community barriers to emergency preparedness and disaster response, as well as integrating conflict resolution practice into humanitarian assistance. Dr. B-W has a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Iowa, a MA from Northern Illinois University, and a BA from Washington University - St. Louis. She also has a Postgraduate Certificate in Conflict and Peace Studies from the University of North Carolina - Greensboro. Dr. B-W has conducted anthropological fieldwork around the world, including Ireland, Bulgaria, France, India, China - and, most recently Palestine and Jordan.
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