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How a Four-Legged Snake Challenges Paleontology’s Illusions of Social Neutrality

Behind my current professional activities and research interests lies a somewhat unique story: I was trained in my graduate work as a paleontologist. In fact, my dissertation focused on the community ecology of a long-extinct group of primates that inhabited … Continue reading

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Spreading the Preparedness Word – Not as Painful as a Sharkbite!

I am posting here a blog post from Leah Roman who, like me, is interested in how professionals can bring public health and emergency management messages to the public. On Wednesday night, #Sharknado3 premiered on Syfy Network. The American Red … Continue reading

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“Hangry” – not just an advertising word, but a concept to consider in our practice?

Why does conversation and connection seem easier over food? Here’s an idea! Continue reading

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VIDEO: The American Red Cross Teams With Salvation Army to Help Residents Recover From Storm

After last week’s storms that impacted southern New Jersey counties, I had the honor of serving with American Red Cross – South Jersey region as a volunteer. We responded by opening Reception Centers and Bulk Distribution sites, and also as … Continue reading

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Welcome and a Brief Introduction to the Site

For anyone out there working in research, you know that much of our time is spent combing the various database search engines for past examples of studies addressing our topic of investigation. Why do we do this? Two reasons. Firstly, … Continue reading

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